5 Things you may want to know about our signature

Jan 21, 2022, Julie

true buttery soft and comfortable support comes from quality and blending technique of materials.
You’ll meet the most considerable and qualified second skin that you can't stop loving!

#1 Our signature leggings your should checkout

Our signature leggings are Aircooling and Airwarm Gini leggings. They are known for perfect 9 to 5 seamless leggings with great support and buttery soft touch. They're so ready to be your active life best friend or second skin.

#2 Difference between Aircooling and Airwarm

Aircooling Gini Leggings are designed to be enjoyed in all seasons’ active moments! Don’t judge them by their name - they won’t make you colder in winter or so.

But they will keep you stress-free from sweaty hot messes by amazing breathability 😉

Airwarm is designed as a fall-winter version of Aircooling as we brushed them to make fleece interior with extraordinary stretch.

#3 What’s so special about them?

We don’t want your activewear just to tighten your body to make you think they are supportive!

So we focused and tried to make the most comfortable and considerate leggings for women's bodies. Because we wanted to be a part of your everyday active life🤸‍♀️

#4 Our material

 We use LYCRA® fiber which is the world’s best-known spandex fiber brand.
According to the LYCRA® company, when LYCRA® fiber is used as an active ingredient, they transform garments into better fitting, durable clothes that move with our bodies, delivering fit, shape, and comfort that lasts.

And by using our own technique of blending LYCRA® fiber, our Aircooling fabric was born to be the best buttery soft and stretchable fabric.

#5 What you'll love about our Aircooling Leggings

You’ll be so happy to have your second skin so light as if worn nothing but they’ll keep you flattering with a high level of comfort. All you gotta do is to enjoy a glove fit with a next-level buttery soft touch and maximum stretch without sweat-mark, pilling issue, or roll-down!