andar signature fabric guide

For every performance that builds you, all the looks that express you, design collections to keep your inspirations going. Meet our collections designed for maximum comfort, diverse fit, and limitless movements.


Our signature LYCRA® blend - Comfortable yet body-shaping, lightweight and squat-proof, it's a perfect blend that fulfills every element that brings out the best performance in you.

- Buttery-soft
- Super-comfy stretch
- Body-hugging
- Sheen, matte finish

- Yoga
- Pilates
- Barre
- Lounging

Fit guideline for aircooling
Aircooling fabric is designed to provide a comfortable mild compression with added LYCRA® fibre for exceptional elasticity and shape-retention. We recommend your original size for aircooling products.

Even if you fall,
andar is there to catch you.

Built to withstand the toughest activities with the comfort of blankies.

Approved by the KOTITI Research Facility (Korea), we assure you; wear & tear is one less problem to worry about.

Sweat all you want, Still going to be dry.

Produced from premium Tactel LYCRA® fabric, the Aircooling is built to keep you cool and dry.

Dries 8 times faster than cotton fabric and with the cooling nature of the fabric,
you’re not going to have time to feel the sweat stick around.

Focus not on perspiration, but on your aspiration.

Slim-fitting design

Slim-fitting design

The ‘Seagull-line’ stitching offers you the bum-sculpting support for a slimmer look.

Not only does it shape your butt,
but also your thighs with the extra compression.

4- Way Stretch

Premium material leads to premium products.

The Tactel-LYCRA® fabric blend allows our leggings to stretch beyond one's range of motion, offering the most comfortable experience for you.

Regardless of your activities, the aircooling series has what it takes to  keep you supported and comfortable even during the most intense exercise sessions.

It stretches, doesn't roll up and keeps you cool and dry.

Squat Proof Fabric

Offering a wide variety of colors, Aircooling’s carefully designed double-sided fabric reduces the “see-through” phenomenon.
No matter how deep you squat or stretch, the aircooling fabric won't fail you. Absolutely squat-proof. Try it yourself.

Premium Tactel-LYCRA® Fabric blend with 75 Years of History

Premium Tactel-LYCRA® Fabric blend with 75 Years of History

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products. 

Made from Tactel-LYCRA® fabric blend which prides in
elasticity & ventilation capabilities and 75 years of successful history, 
we strive to provide you with effortless style and fit.