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For every performance that builds you, all the looks that express you, design collections to keep your inspirations going. Meet our collections designed for maximum comfort, diverse fit, and limitless movements.


Light as a feather, dries 8 times faster than cotton, all-way stretch. Airst is a collection you can rely on anytime,
anywhere for your limitless movements. 

- Light as air, Keeps it breezy
- Buttery-soft
- Wrinkle-free
- All-way stretch

- Sports
- Casual
- Office


The Airst is as light as they come.

Woven from LYCRA® fabric, it offers you feeling free of restricted movements. (More LYCRA® information below)

You won't even feel you're wearing them. 

8 Times The Cool & Dryness

Airst material uses Tactel fabrics found in top-quality apparels.

Premium is not just a label.
Airst dries 8 times faster than normal cotton fabrics, keeping your body temperature low, comfort level high.

Hate the sticky-sweaty feeling? Try on Airst.

4-Way Stretch & Limitless Movement

Don’t underestimate the 4-way stretch.

Airst is designed to reduce the uncomfortable limited range of motion that is commonly found in other activewear.Airst also offers another level of cool & dryness with it’s extra-light and thin LYCRA® fabric.

Don’t let your wear, Wear you down.

Iron? Nope.
Just shake it off.

Who irons these days? Not Airst lovers.
Just give it a good shake after washing and you’ll be good to go.

Comfortable fit.
Even easier maintenance.

Premium Tactel LYCRA® Fabric with 75 Years of History

Premium Tactel-LYCRA® Fabric blend with 75 Years of History

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products. 

Made from Tactel-LYCRA® fabric blend which prides in
elasticity & ventilation capabilities and 75 years of successful history, 
we strive to provide you with effortless style and fit.